Monday, 8 July 2013

The London Olympics 2012

Here are some photos I took last year at the Olympics in London.  I don't know why I haven't shared this adventure before, as it was most certainly a fantastic experience not quickly forgotten! 

Standby, quite a few photos, not much chat.

So, to start: look at those happy faces!

My Boys

I think he is taking a photo of me, taking a photo of him

The Gang, minus 1 (me)

My usual flag has a dragon on it!

All good here?

Team GB did good!

Do you think they were here to see Mr Bolt?


It is hard to capture just how big it was

Poised for ...


Overcome by patriotism

It's all rock and roll to Muse

That's the spot where Mo Farrow lined up for the 10,000 metres

The lights came up

Red, White and Blue

Who are these people?

Oh yes, my Family!

Heading home

These pictures do not convey the actual events we saw,  amongst other track and fields events and a few medal ceremonies; probably the most notable events were the 10,000 metres which Mo Farrow won  and earned him his second gold medal of the games.  (photo:

And Usain Bolt in the 4x100 metre relay another gold for him too!  (photo:

I was there man! (photo:

I was there!

Friday, 5 July 2013

A Cake and some Fruity Tarts

I haven't been baking sweet treats much lately, because I have been experimenting with sour dough,  I have got the starter sussed but I have had mixed results with the proving time; but that's another story for another blog post.  For now I want to show you the cake and small tartlets I made.

The cake is a basic chocolate sandwich cake, filled with raspberries and vanilla buttercream, (rather a lot of buttercream in fact, one might say too much).  

What do you think, too much?  

What's that, you need a closer look?  OK ...

I purposely used fresh fruit rather than jam, believing the raspberries would cut through the rich chocolate sponge and the buttercream, they did!

On to the tarts, I have had a bash at making something like these before, which you can see here.  I was   inspired by those fancy,  beautifully composed treats you see in a patisserie and little pile of tins I bought whilst on honeymoon in a St Ives charity shop.

I used a different pastry recipe this time, the same as I used for my Lemon Meringue pie by Dan Lepard (he writes for the Guardian).   It just sweet enough and very workable after chilling.

Instead of filing them with creme patissiere, I made some chantilly cream, which is double cream, flavoured with vanilla and icing sugar.

I used fresh raspberries and kiwi fruit to decorate.

That's all!